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Construction Joint Stock Company Industrial Nha Be (CNNB)

JSC Industrial Construction Nha ( CNNB ) was established in 1999 so far . Over 12 years of development the Company has made continuous development in the field of production of raw materials for the garment industry mac.Nham new goals , desired results much better business , and gradually build a united team
Garment Machinery - Manufacturer of Vietnam 's leading machine tool product types , including : Gauge apparel, footwear machine tools - machine tool bags and hats - hats .

Our machine tool production line technology with proprietary Korea imported materials quality standards - ensuring products are standard features with maximum durability achieved .

In apparel , headwear manufacturer and closed shoes , handbags make the machine tool is a device indispensable and plays extremely important role in the release of products hats , dresses , bags and nice shoes , right size , right quality standards . With machine tool provided by us , you can absolutely rest assured to focus on innovation - the introduction of the right product to the consumer tastes good design and outstanding quality .

In addition to machine tool manufacturers , garment equipment also import and distribute equipment , components , raw materials and specialized apparel brand reputation in the world .

With his direction Garment Equipment prayer accompanies enterprises in Vietnam in the way of conquering the domestic market and internationally .

CNNB - Accompanying Vietnamese businesses !