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Introduced the first automatic needle attached leeches AB-1351

Binders leeches automatic needle AB-1351 1:

As Juki industrial sewing machines line the first in the world capable of sewing 7 different types of leeches attached, the machine meets the diverse needs leeches attached. With a color screen IP-420 control operator can change the format of leeches and perform cycle sewing program.

máy may công nghiệp juki

Machine not only reduces the time required to attach leeches stages, but also saves labor as just removing the previous cut. Especially productivity would increase significantly if one concurrently operators attach leeches 2 automatic machine AB-1351 simultaneously.

Table comparing the operating performance 2 AB-1351 machines simultaneously:

máy may công nghiệp JUKI
AB-1351 / Yield

1 operators AB-1351 machine

1 operators
AB-1351 two machines
Some leeches stuck 4,114 7.542
Number garments 685 1.257
Conditions garment: for 8 hours with the rate of 20%
Sewing sample No. 4; Tacking nose first number: 12; Tacking nose number 2: 21; Tacking nose number 3: 12; Some leeches attached on each body: 6

Improve product quality:

Leeches wire feeder structure is a unique dual system Juki, it can leech stable level even with soft and stretchy material. Leeches level structure is arranged immediately before the camera allows the operator to be able to put leeches at the front, but it also helps that they can check the status by wire leeches eyes even while sewing.

Improved product quality due to structural level / unique folding Juki leeches are the leeches help create a consistent quality clothes, beautiful and uniform size. (Sag amount of leeches)

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