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Should select industrial sewing machines for sewing your facility?

Today when the ongoing development of the technology of sewing machines, especially technology features included in industrial Juki sewing machine electronics, with remarkable improvements, such as cutting function only, standing just self dynamic, instant motor shaft, the panel automatically ... If you are intending to open a sewing business, then surely you're wondering what the problem of the investment costs of machinery and equipment for the stars highest quality and save time, the lowest labor costs.

You will choose which option here:

Initial investment costs low in line Juki industrial sewing machine motor or a higher initial cost in electronic sewing machine Juki surely you are confused lot. However with superior technology and premium features Vietnam's electronic sewing machine Juki lines such as labor productivity growth, beautiful seam and energy saving will shattered all of your concerns about the cost problem . To better understand, we introduced the concept of the second texture to your sewing machine line approach and compare:

Juki sewing machine motor:

As Juki sewing machine line with operational structure and activities including motors, belts, locomotives and especially sewing table. Motor linked by engine belts or belting. Sewing speed fixed by the motor pulley, sewing speed depends on the sewing machine. Increase the speed down unfortunately by pressing the pedal.

máy công nghiệp juki
Genuine motor with silver stamps

máy may công nghiệp juki
Pulley and belt

máy may công nghiệp juki ddl-8100e
1 needle machine DDL-8100e

Currently motors for sewing machines line has 2 types of motor engines and motors Servo bomb Hosing (compact, energy saving), the operating mechanism when the power supply to the motor shaft rotary motion transmitted to the main shaft pulley , the machine starts operating.
may may công nghiệp juki mô tơ Ho Sing
Lifting Ho sing

máy may công nghiệp juki mô tơ bom
Lifting Bom

Electronic Juki industrial machines:

As Juki sewing machine lines have been inserted motor shaft (shaft immediately), when plugged motor does not run and only when pressing the pedal sewing motor to run in order to save power. With electronic models garment workers work with the electronic control panel, such as sewing speed regulation, sample sewing, ...

Servo motors

bảng điều khiển máy 1 kim

máy may công nghiệp 1 kim ddl-900a
1 needle machine DDL-900A electronic high speed, instant motor shaft

Basic comparison table:

Function Machines for electronic industry Machine engineering industry
Maximum sewing speed 2s 10s
Automatic thread cutting Yes No
Only gotten automatically Yes No
Power Savings Electronic machines 25% savings compared to the machine body
Motor instant shaft Lifting off
Price High Low

With these advantages, industrial Juki sewing machine line electronics will be the top choice for a sewing factory with points increasing labor productivity, reduce sewing stages, reducing the time second hour of death, the error reduction and energy-efficient products. With the above advantages, the selection line of industrial sewing machines Juki's Electronic right investment and you certainly will not have to wonder any more as long-term effectiveness of the performance of sewing machine dong Juki electronics industry has the answer to all of your expenses.

Tend to use:

Most tend to use the customer's production lines are now for the most part is choosing electronic models, in addition to the advantages of electronic cameras Vietnam which provides, in addition to the stages as sewing difficult, icon technology and especially the requirements of the customers placed orders at factories and garment sewing.

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