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Selection of industrial sewing machines Mechanical or electronic better?

So how is the sewing machine motor? How is the electronic sewing machine? Sewing machine sewing machine motor is operating with a motor mounted off the engine, linked to the motor shaft through transmission belts or belt. For this type of sewing machine, the body can not adjust the slow speed when sewing.

Electronic sewing machine sewing machine is designed by combining the motor is mounted directly on the camera even without belts or belt thong via communication, computer-controlled and fully programmable electronically. With this way of designing electronic sewing machine can easily adjust the speed when sewing.

Advantages of electronic line sewing machine sewing machine body than how to do?

   + Function:
- Electronic sewing machines has many functions are integrated promptly update trends. Also, the feature can be programmed via the electronic board as a garment, garment type, sewing speed will increase the efficiency and flexibility while sewing.
- Workers should be cut only after sewing the nose end. This loss of time and material losses. Electronic sewing machine can easily handle this problem through automated cutting systems are equipped only available should help alleviate some garment workers cut loose stages.
- With the advantage of programming available (the nose, style garment, nose distance, ...) so beautiful seam, stitch sophisticated, whether the type of garment to where complex electronic sewing machine can also meet different demands from customers.

  + Safety issues and aesthetics when using electronic sewing machine:
- Electronic sewing machines completely closed design, convenient for installation and movement. Saves workspace.
- Due to the machine design with inter-body engine should not worry there are too many problems to handle (such as safety when installing wiring, motor oil spilled on the engine machine etc ...). Can see electronic sewing machine will limit the risk largely met for the line of industrial sewing machine motor to create safety and hygiene for the work.
- With the engine associated with machine design will help enterprises cost limitations when replacing sewing machine motor accessories which have as (belt, chain ...)

  + Activities:
- Electronic sewing machines installed instant motor shaft to save 70-80% energy compared to the base line of sewing machines.
- May easy sewing with faster speeds, greater flexibility that saves up to 20% labor workforce.
- May mistake, unfortunately reduced from 40-50% error compared to the mechanical sewing machine.
As for disadvantages, why?
  + Reliability of electronic sewing machine sewing machine engine not as high as it needs regular maintenance time
  + For employees qualified drivers to be able to capture timely emergency situations of the machine
  + Maintenance staff needed for cases of minor bug fixes can now not without wait staff to repair.
  + The cost of electronic sewing machine sewing machine motor higher. at the same time, repair costs are higher than mechanical sewing machine because electronic circuit boards. Repair time is also longer
Besides the advantages and disadvantages on the selection of industrial sewing machine suitable for your business needs to rely on operational criteria, size and orientation of the enterprise.

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